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Lexus Martini Barker

What's Your Name?

People ask all the time, where did you get your name? The name comes from our beloved Great Dane "Tequila Sunrise Barker". He was our family pet and the name sake of our company. He was also the inspiration for our slogan "Where The Big Dogs Come To Play!". He weighed 175 pounds and could palm a basketball in his mouth. He has since passed on and we are now on our 3rd Great Dane. Meet Lexus Martini Barker, she was about 2years old in this picture. You can rest assure that we do not drink alcohol nor allow it at our facility. We are a christian family based business that strives for excellency. Lexus is in charge of our complaint department, security & loves to entertain kids.


Linda "Mom" Barker is the glue that holds our company together. She is the mother of the owners Lonnie & Kenny Barker. When you call chances are she will be on the other end with a pleasant comment. She handles day to day duplications, scheduling, billing and keeps Lonnie and Kenny straight. (which is a full time job in itself).



Lonnie Barker

Hello my name is Lonnie Barker. I am the Studio Manager and part owner of Tequila Sunrise Music. I have been playing professionally for over 25 years. My father taught me to play drums at age 8 and I was playing full time in my father’s band at the ripe old age of 9. I have played with groups like Country Gold, Under Construction, and The Highway Express Band and most recently with the Bad Connection Band. My musical career has taken me all across the coast from large festivals to coliseums such as Chrysler hall in my hometown of Norfolk Virginia . After obtaining my B.S. degree in 1995 I became studio manager for Tequila Sunrise Music. My involvement in the studio goes much further than just a manager. I have performed drums and percussion work on hundreds of projects ranging from country to jazz and everywhere in between. My brother and I had the pleasure of producing several projects that have received radio airplay. An educational highlight for me was in 2005 when I received my MBA. At Tequila Sunrise Music, we believe in educating the musician about the music business. Knowledge is power and the more you know about the business side of music, the more successful you will become. Lonnie Barker BS, MBA Tequila Sunrise Music Studio Manager

Kenny Barker

Kenny Barker is the engineer that keeps things running. He designs and maintains all our systems and over sees our installation designs and installs. He is a certified sound engineer from AIA and has a certificate in music production from the Berkeley school of music. He also has certifications in computer repair, computer networking, rigging and Electrical. In addition he has an associate in arts degree from HCC. He started playing bass professionally at the age of 10 and now plays bass, guitar and keyboard.